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Established in 2020, Te Pae Roa is a tikanga Māori support system and investment connector in Te Tai Tokerau. We create space for whānau to confidently access tools and resources that will enhance their capability and capacity while also allowing investors to see the potential in our rohe.

Our key focus is kaupapa Māori that are driven to uplift their place and people through partnerships and investments.

Ko mātou tēnei
About us

Ngā oha a Te Pae Roa

Our vision is…

“Te Tino Rangatiratanga o ō mātou taonga katoa hei oranga mō tātou.”

“To be free to be kaitiaki of our taonga and whakapapa in our own way, for all.”

We believe for Te Tai Tokerau to be prosperous, it must be led by Te Hau o te Kāinga – through the voice of whānau. Listening to this voice enables us to better support whānau to express their Rangatiratanga.

Guided by Te Pae Roa values of TIKA, PONO and AROHA, we create a space for everyone to see the prosperous potential of Te Tai Tokerau.



We support whānau, hapū, iwi and pakihi who promote sustainable relationships with their people and Papatūānuku. We help to establish and scale kaupapa in a way that achieves impact for them and investors.

We are proud kaitautoko (capacity partners) for the kaupapa and leaders we serve.

Through these kaupapa we aim to raise the consciousness of investors by providing insight on how to share space and invest in Te Tai Tokerau Māori.

Our Latest projects

Wai 262

The Wai 262 claim is known as the aroha claim, the wairua claim, or the mother of all claims, heoi, it is the claim of Māori control over things Māori.

The claim essentially seeks to restore “tino rangatiratanga” of taonga through the whānau, hapū and iwi of Aotearoa. Laid against the Waitangi Tribunal on 9 October 1991 by six visionary claimants: Del Wihongi (Te Rarawa); Haana (Saana) Murray (Ngāti Kuri); John Hippolite (Ngāti Koata); Tama Poata (Te Whānau-a-Ruataupare, Ngāti Porou); Kataraina Rimene (Ngāti Kahungunu); and Witi McMath (Ngāti Wai), with the assistance of lawyer Moana Jackson (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Porou).

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Our Previous projects


Pākihiroa is an initiative of Te Pae Roa. 

Pākihiroa is a group of Māori business owners who whakapapa/link to Te Tai Tokerau iwi dedicated to achieving positive social, economic, cultural and environmental outcomes for our whānau through Te Tai Tokerau Māori businesses.

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Our Team


Ko te amorangi ki mua…

Our team consists of a core group of kaimahi. The skillsets within the team include governance and executive leadership, technical and tikanga expertise, project development and management, system navigation, and whānau, hapū and community engagement and support.

Ko te hāpai ō ki muri…

The Core team is supported by a powerful back office of experts who provide technical support and advisory within kaupapa.

Ingoa:  Jodi Hayward

Hapū/Iwi:  Ngāti Hau, Ngāti Hao, Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa, Ngati Huarere ki Whangapoua

Tūranga:  Chief Executive

Description of role:  Overall operational and strategic oversight of Te Pae Roa.  Partners with investors and other kaupapa that seek to invest in and be informed by te hau o te kainga (voices of home) and contribute to Te Tai Tokerau prosperity.  Connects projects of our place, that are led by our people with the right pūtea and partners.

Ingoa: Keti Marsh-Solomon

Ngāti Toro, Ngāti Hao, Ngāti Ueoneone, Te Uri Taniwha, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Porou

Tūranga:  Te Poumua – Principal Strategic Advisor

Description of role: The first touchpoint for kaupapa looking to work in collaboration with Te Pae Roa.  Oversight of relationships, kaupapa and kaimahi.  A strategic leader that understands the connections to the past and can lead in to the future.  Supports kaimahi to consider the big picture and think beyond the mainstream box around opportunities, risks and issues. 

Ingoa: Emma Edmonds

Hapū/Iwi: Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Toro me Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Tūranga

Tūranga: Te Ara Poutama – Program Manager

Description of role: Supports Te Tai Tokerau whānau to unlock their kāinga dreams and aspirations in a way that allows them to express their Tino Rangatiratanga.  

Ingoa: Wakaiti Dalton

Hapū/Iwi: Ko Te Hikutū, Ngāti Ueoneone, Ngāti Rangi, Ngāti Rangi Mata Kaaka, Ngāti Rangi Mata Momoe ngā hapū. Ko Ngāpuhi me Ngāti Kahu ki Whaingaroa ngā iwi.

Tūranga: Te Poutiriao – Program Manager (Te Hau o te Kainga)

Description of role: Ensures the voice of whānau flows through kaupapa design and delivery.  Leads across various kaupapa ranging from community engagement, pakihi Māori, housing repairs and investment pipeline.  Builds trusted relationships with  iwi, hapū, marae, pakihi and whānau.  

Ingoa: Courtney Walker

Hapū/Iwi: Ngāpuhi (Ngāti Pākau, Ihutai), Ngāti Awa

Tūranga: Te Poutokomanawa – Project Manager

Description of role:  Provides expert and customised project management support across various kaupapa within Te Pae Roa.   Creates systems and processes around whānau voice to ensure our products and services are fit for purpose.  Matches modern business tools with indigenous practise.  

Ingoa: Kelly Hayward

Hapū/Iwi: Tahaawai, Ngāpuhi ki Whaingaroa, Ngati Wai 

Tūranga: Te Poutokomana – Executive Assistant

Description of role: Coordinates administrative and project support across Te Pae Roa from governance through to management and kaimahi. 

Kaupapa Māori Support

Find out how we can help you.

Our uniqueness comes from being the first tikanga led investment connector and support system to come out of Te Tai Tokerau. Tikanga allows us to put whakapapa and whānau first, always. We know the self determined prosperity of whānau is more important than pūtea. We also know that to become prosperous, we need the support of key investors, who share the vision of prosperity for Te Tai Tokerau.

Kaupapa Māori Support

We have a cupboard of resources made up of business knowledge and expertise that has dedicated project support for kaupapa Māori.

We seek to connect whānau with the right investors who care about relationships as well as return.

These are partners who want to make a difference in the rohe and invest in whānau opportunity for whānau success.

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Whiwhinga pūtea


Our  relationship with impact investors and philanthropy began with a Core Four – The Tindall Foundation, Foundation North, Todd Foundation and JR McKenzie – who remain in support of the kaupapa.  

The Core Four bravely undertook a new approach to investment, alongside of  us.  They chose to focus on the value of the relationship rather than just putea and its returns.  

Philanthropic and impact investors considering how to better engage with Māori to ensure greater access to capital, now have a new opportunity with Te Pae Roa.

Not only sharing spaces, but sharing networks and building on relationships.

Te Pae Roa was born out of iwi thought leadership and has been bought to life in the past two years by a group of Te Tai Tokerau uri with the support of philanthropic and impact investment partners.

Te Pae Roa began its life as a programme of work within the Amokura Iwi Consortium (seven Te Tai Tokerau iwi – Ngāti Whātua, Ngātiwai,Ngāpuhi, Whaingaroa, Te Rarawa, Ngāi Takoto and Te Aupōuri). 

Te Pae Roa is now a stand alone kaupapa built firmly on these foundations and the region’s first Māori economic development research: He Tangata, He Whenua, He Oranga. 

We pay tribute to the iwi leadership, foresight and the pathway they paved for us to forge ahead as Te Pae Roa.